What if you could get 20 hours a week back from your business in less than 5 days? What could you do with that time?


Eliminate busywork. Create more free time. Generate EVEN more sales. 

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If you’ve ever tried to get your day or life in order before, 

then you’re already familiar with the dreaded To Do list. It’s what we’ve all been using since we could use crayons to keep up with stuff we need to get done.

And that’s a dangerous habit we’ve brought with us to adulthood.

Your business can only grow if you know how to use that to do list to create progress. 

Otherwise it’s just a bunch of stuff you’re doing. 

It’s time to start using your daily tasks to create progress in your business and generate financial momentum. This creates clarity on the must-have elements of a truly worry free business. 

Hey there, social seller!

I see you talking about how busy you are doing “all the things” and how it’s draining the life out of you. 

And I know your pain. 

I’ve interviewed dozens of clients, direct sellers, and entrepreneurs about the long list of things they need to do to run their businesses  and the most common refrain I hear is, 

“I’m exhausted. I’m trying everything I can, but nothing’s working, but I’m not sure what IS working so I’m afraid to stop doing anything” 

Here’s the thing about doing “all the things.” 

It's a black hole strategy. Which means once you start doing all the things, you won't be able to stop. You’ll get stuck in the quicksand of “all the things.”

The results are the same as they were for poor Artax 😢

If you’re going to be a successful business owner who creates systems that generate sales and ignite interest in your products, you need to create a solid approach to support that success. 

You have to nail this stuff early on, or every step is harder along the way.

And I can help you do that.

Here’s what no one talks about when it comes to time management

Even if you had:

👉 The best motivational daily or yearly planner on the market

👉 Time management software that worked with “how you think”

👉 An app on your phone that tracks everything you do automatically.......

Your body isn’t designed to accept massive overnight schedule changes..

Which is why you may struggle with sticking to that new schedule you started last week. 

Whenever we try to save time we tend to overhaul our entire lives - creating a new schedule that we’re going to live by. That creates an enormous amount of systemic trauma. Your body WILL reject that level of change and you’ll be right back here in a couple of weeks. But you can get even MORE time back without making such drastic changes, so why not try that instead? 

Your APPROACH to Time management is a critical element of a successful business..

Which is why you may find yourself frequently posting things at the last minute that gain 0 traction

When you wait until the last minute to post, your body generates a hormone that actually prevents you from being creative, so you’re even less likely to generate content that  you’re proud of. If you truly want to create content that will create sales for your business, you have to get your schedule under control (even if it’s uncontrollable!) 

SMALLER changes have an even BIGGER Impact..

Which is why your progress is slow even if you're doing all these big events. Taking small action is MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Too many business owners get stuck in the dreaming and planning part of making a change. We have this vision of what our future self could look like and so we spend a lot more time imagining and planning for the organized future than we do actually living in it and creating it. It’s why those vision planners work so well, we love to dream. But dreaming isn't enough, you also have to take meaningful action, and small actions are good! 


ONE PAYMENT OF $7.99. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Here’s how ineffective time management is impacting your sales


You avoid doing the things that need to get done because they seem daunting or unpleasant. Usually right when you’re about to start, you’ll think of something you need to do, and that thing will take up your whole day. It’s your good old, reliable pacifier. And if you let them, pacifiers can prevent you from making progress anywhere in your business. 


You’re a people pleaser, and you have trouble saying no. No matter how well you plan out your day, the unexpected pops up, and derails it. You know you need to set boundaries, but you’re not sure how to, and you feel guilty doing it. This means you waste  what should be f productive time creating  momentum in your business, on busywork. 


Your to-do list doesn’t tell you how to create progress, it simply creates a list of stuff that gets prioritized on the fly against a mentally kept picture of what you’re doing. That doesn’t create progress, it creates stagnancy and a lack of focus. It makes it harder for you to feel good about what you do because you can’t see it’s impact on anything. That sucks the joy right out of your biz. 



Minessa has an amazing way to speak my brain language. She calms my anxiety in business, this is not and easy task. You will feel like she is taking you by the hand to create a successful business and she truly wants you to succeed.

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 As a small business owner, things can be lonely and scary out there. With Minessa, I feel like I am part of a community of women striving for the same things I am. I highly recommend her for any business owner or direct seller. 

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I knew from our very first encounter, within moments, that we needed her expertise. My husband and I have enjoyed working with her so much; we can’t recommend her highly enough, she is always responsive to our questions.

Mia & Don Krishnaswami

ONE PAYMENT OF $7.99. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Get 20 hours of your day back from your business in just 5 days, and create more income from the time that you have left. 

A complete A-Z time management system for social sellers and to create more freedom in their schedules, and generate more income to boot!

This is everything I’ve learned working with hundreds of people over the years to create more effective work habits, free up hours of time in their days, and generate more income when they choose to work. 

I’ve used these strategies with entrepreneurs  who run small mom and pop shops, small  boutiques, live streamers, coaches, direct sellers, and home offices. It’s customizable if you have a chronic illness that limits your mobility, mental illness, or are a caregiver with limited time. 

This is your invitation to join a group of women who’ve had enough of feeling guilty when they’re working and guilty when they aren’t. 

Yes, you’re going to learn tools and techniques that will forever change the way you approach time management. 

But more importantly, you'll have a meticulous, step-by-step, time saving plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. 

The End Result: You’ll wake up feeling in control of your day, and like it can start whenever YOU want it to. You’ll go to bed when you want to, feeling like you made progress. 

Is the first time management system for social sellers to prioritize generating progress in your business while also creating freedom in your schedule. 

If you’re going to make an impact on the world through your business, you need to get rid of all the time-sucking busywork activities that you know are keeping you from making progress. 

A sneak peek into the HustleProof Your Life Challenge

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way, You'll Also Get Access to:

The Private HustleProof Your Life Challenge Facebook Group (a $2,000 value) 

A central part of the challenge; this group is full of women who are committed to maximizing the effectiveness of their time. We know what it’s like to have challenges or limitations, and this group can help you navigate those to ensure that you get the time you deserve back from your business no matter your circumstances. 

Reclaim Your Schedule with the Prioritization Matrix! ($250 VALUE)

Learn how to use Eisenhower’s matrix to quickly and easily prioritize anything in your life

Hot seats to boost your progress! ($500 VALUE)

Hotseats are available for the first 10 people to join the call! You’ll get targeted coaching from Minessa, so you can work through the challenges in your way!


Reclaim Your Schedule back from Your Business with the HustleProof Your Life Challenge. 

You get all this value - $4,750 for One payment of $7.00. That’s it.

Need help ordering or have questions? 
Email me at 

My goal is to help you save time and improve the joy you get out of your life. So I’m offering you this rock solid 14-day money back guarantee

I know this works because it’s the same method I’ve used with clients all over the country to help them find freedom from their businesses. They save time, build confidence, and something else. I’ve used it to help direct sales home offices train their fields and local mom and pop shops. 

This program will work for you!

But if you still feel like you can’t jump over those mental hurdles, then I want to remove every possible obstacle to you joining this program. So I’m giving you 2 weeks to go through the whole thing, follow these super simple guidelines, implement them in your life, and start creating freedom in your business.

Hey! I’m Minessa

A few years ago, I was completely caught up in the hustle. I was always working, and constantly felt like I was behind. I was so caught up in catching up to my list I felt like I was on a never ending treadmill of just doing. 

😫If I didn’t just focus on the next thing on the list, I’d feel like giving up. There was just so much to do. 

I was saying yes to everything, constantly on my phone, and was doing a lot of things for my business more out of habit than anything else some days. 

I was stuck. 

I got tired of feeling that way, and I committed to changing how I felt by being more intentional about my time, and really thinking about the activities I spent my time on. 

Everything changed so quickly after that. 

I felt more confident and in control. I knew what I was doing each day, and I began to SEE and feel my progress. My husband and I re-started our Sunday date day, and I'm catching up on TV shows now! (I'm on Pitbulls and Parolees right now!).  

And the sales? They started to grow, because the work I WAS doing was so much more effective. 

Now, I want to help you find that same experience in your business. I hope you'll take the leap with me!


Questions People asked before saying “Hell Yes!” to the HustleProof Your Life Challenge

If you have a question that isn't addressed - email and my team will help you!

I have a unique business or situation, will this work for me?

Absolutely, the challenge will provide you with the tools and show you how to customize them for your specific situation. There is no one size fits all so we built a modular system that works with you!

Does this course cover what to replace the activities with?

This course is just the first step to creating freedom in your business AND an amplified income from the time you work. When we get to the 4th day of the challenge, you’ll learn  how to take the next steps. 

I’m not a planner person, will this work for me?

You wont need to use a planner for this to work. Our goal is to create more organization within your life right now. We have students who use Notion sheets, calendars, planners, dream journals, these are fundamental tools you can use with any one of those systems. 

What if I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked?

You haven’t tried this. I approach time management from a completely different perspective from other coaches. There are no radical changes in scheduling or giving yourself shit for not sticking to a schedule. My techniques are designed to take advantage of our natural momentum, which is why they work

How long will the cart be open?

The cart closes at 8:00PM EST on the 22nd. 

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ONE PAYMENT OF $7.99. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Reclaim Your Schedule back from Your Business with the HustleProof Your Life Challenge. 

See results in JUST 5 days from implementing these tactics!

👉 5 Ask me Anything Sessions
 👉 Supporting worksheets for each day
 👉 Live Q&A Calls 

You get all this value - $4,750 for One payment of $7.00. That’s it. 

Need help ordering or have questions? 
Email me at 

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